Mikroflor sp. Z o.o. sp. k. commenced operations in December 2016. It is part of the Kaczmarski Group capital group.

The company’s mission is the production and distribution of innovative, micro-based products for the agricultural market and applications at home, on the plot and in the garden.

The Microflora offer is now opened by the innovative calcium fertilizer called MikroCalc. It is unique on the market, a 3-component product for year-round use in field crops, meadows and pastures as well as in orchards and vegetable and fruit crops.

The range of products is completed by:

    • microbiological preparations for soil and plants (including growth stimulants, soil conditioners improving its fertility, or a series of bacterial priobiotics for field crops, vegetables and fruit, as well as for fruit growing, we also offer preparations that limit the susceptibility of plants to pathogens).
  • microbiological preparations for animals (for domestic animals and breeders including silage)
  • preparations for the purification of aquatic environments
  • utilization of impurities

All products offered by Mikroflor are based on over 20 years of experience in the production of safe, effective and unique in the production of bacterial strains. The absolute priority of our activity is to preserve the highest quality of the offered products.

Further products are developed and implemented on the market in cooperation with academic centers and recognized experts, practitioners, authorities in the use of innovative, ecological agricultural technologies.

In Poland, Mikroflor cooperates closely with the largest distribution companies on the agro market, and exports its products to foreign markets.